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An Aspiring Writer, Producer and Actor who dabbles in the various arts. I can be reached at "MonsoonRush" on AIM or Skype. I enjoy Sappy things even as I make snarky comments. Read more about me in the FAQ or just ask me on AIM/SKype login 'MonsoonRush'.

#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL: Girls can’t? Yes, they can. Rap, be funny, be off-the-wall, rock, be strong, run the show, make the world a little more easy, breezy and beautiful. (x)

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You know what’s funny? I think a lot of people view these images as interesting because they’re “unrealistic” or specifically because they feature men of color, anachronistic. I do like them, but I just wanted to add something….

For each of these implied anachronisms, there is a real painting of a real Man of Color from European Art History. (The text for each image is a link to learn more!)

A French Gentleman, c. 1800


Toussaint L’Ouverture, c. 1790s


Alexander Pushkin, 1899


Portrait of Général Thomas Alexandre Dumas (father of author Alexandre Dumas)


Raden Syarif Bustaman Saleh, Javanese Aristocrat and Artist in the Netherlands, 1840


Olaudah Equiano, c. 1840s


Abram Petrovich Gannibal, c. 1690s


Chevalier de Saint-Georges, c. 1780s


Ira Aldridge, Victorian Actor, c. 1840


János Bihari, Composer, c. 1840


The Postillion of Erddig House, 1730


Jack Black of Ystumllyn, Wales, 1754


A Young Eastern European Man c. 1750:


P.S. my favorite from the OP is!!!

Simply Awesome.

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Always Be Yourself. Unless yourself Sucks. Then, choose to be Awe-Inspiring Instead.

_ Me

10 Top Ten Lists - “The Ingredients of My Psyche”

Apropos of Nothing and with no emotional blackmail whatsoever, a series of 10 Top Ten lists of the most influential Books, Comics, Movies, Albums, Video Games, Comedians, Tabletop RPGs, Countries to Visit, Favorite Dishes and Fictional Characters that stayed with me over the years. Feel free to participate and comment, or don’t!  If anyone modifies this to include some form of social pressure or guilt trip to participate, readers of the original status have my permission to kick them in the proverbial junk. 

1. Dragon Prince (and its sequels), Melanie Rawn 
2. Farseer Trilogy / The Tawny Man TrilogyRobin Hobb
3. Sharpe’s RiflesBernard Cornwell
4. The Eternal ChampionMichael Moorcock
5. Thus Spake Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche 
6. Memory, Sorrow, and ThornTad Williams 
7. Einstein’s DreamsAlan Lightman
8. Prince of Ayodhaya, Ashok K. Banker
9. A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living, Joseph Campbell
10. The Last King, Michael Curtis Ford

Comics/Graphic Novels:
1. “The Game of You” & “The Dream-Hunters”, The Sandman
2. “Days of Future Past”, “Age of Apocalypse”, “Schism”, X-Men vs Avengers, X-Men
3. “Operation Galactic Storm”, “Kree/Skrull War”, “Revenge of the Kree” “Civil War”, “Dark Reign”, “Avengers: Disassembled”, Avengers
4. “Hush”, “Knightfall”, “Battle for the Cowl”, “Death of the Family”, Batman
5. “The Winter Soldier”, “Fallen Son: The Death of”, Captain America
6. “Maximum Carnage”, “Revenge of the Sinister Six”, “The Other” Spider-Man
7. Grendel
8. Shrugged
9. “One Year Later”, “Flashpoint”, “Earth 2”, “Infinite Crisis”/”Final Crisis”Justice League/DC
10. Watchmen (And before the Movie, FYI)

1. Silver Linings Playbook
2. Kingdom of Heaven
3. Asoka
4. Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse
5. Star Trek movies
6. Star Wars trilogy
7. The Lord of the Rings film trilogy
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
9. Pirates of the Caribbean
10. A Knight’s Tale

1. Smash, The Offspring
2. Meteora, Linkin Park
3. Slippery When Wet, Bon Jovi
4. Phase One: Celebrity Take Down, Gorillaz
5. Break the Cycle, Staind
6. Dark Passion Play, Nightwish
7. Good Times, Bad Times… Ten Years of Godsmack
8. Poetry for the Poisoned, KAMELOT
9. Broken English, Karsh Kale
10. Hoobastank, Self Titled

Video Games:
1. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
2. Castlevania series
3. Final Fantasy
4. Metal Gear Solid
5. Deus Ex
6. Strike Gunner
7. Battletoads
8. Myst
9. Monkey Island
10. Reckoning The Game : Kingdoms of Amalur

Comedic Influences:

1.”The Black Norns” Richard Pryor / Eddie Murphy / Chris Rock
2. “The Comic Relief Cast” Whoopi GoldbergBilly Crystal & Robin Williams
3. The Marx Brothers. Always, ALWAYS Marx Brothers.
4. My “New Trifecta” Christopher TitusSteve Byrne & Godfrey
5. Axis of Evil Comedy Tour - Maz JobraniDean Obeidallah, Ahmed Ahmed, etc
6. Jon StewartStephen Colbert & John Oliver
7. Jim Carrey is Here. No, really. 
8. Kevin Smith
9. Dana Carvey's Earlier work. Basically the 70's SNL Cast.
10. Lewis Black

Tabletop RPG Games
1. Dungeons & Dragons, my first love, always.
2. Pathfinder RPG, her younger, FAR hotter, smarter cousin. Not to be confused with her slower little sister D&D 4E.
3. Werewolf: The Apocalypse & Mage: The Ascension. Because Vampires Suck.
4. Exalted … because over-the-top Anime Fantasy can be fun.
5. Big Eyes, Small Mouth. Because any system that can encompass the sum of ALL the plethora of Anime genres in ONE book that is both sublime and simple? That’s artistic eloquence.
6. NERO LARP. Because despite my experience being the verbatim experience from the movie Role Models (including the owner cheating and bearing a grudge because we killed his character) it was still such a worthwhile time that has fueled and inspired my other endeavors.
7. Human Occupied Landfill. May we never be *quite* that drunk and curious again.
8. Star Wars d20. Because seeing Evan’s face as Adam, Gary and I WRECK the no-win scenario is STILL priceless.
9. Deadlands … turning “roleplaying with the gang” back into Poker Night.
10. Shadowrun … because every local GM I know would all rather play it than run it.

Countries I’ve been to / Would Like to Visit
1. India (Been, duh)
2. England (been, and need to go back at some point)
3. Canada (been, and MUST revisit. Montreal, y’all)
4. Germany (been ALL too briefly… MUST go back)
5. Japan (never been, MUST live there for a year)
6. Spain (not been, must go because it’s FRIGGIN SPAIN)
7. Morocco (not been, want to because it’s MARRAKECH ffs)
8. Scotland (#lookaway #MyWeaknessForRedheadsIsIrrelevent)
9. France (Will have to work out EVERY DAY to survive the cuisine … wonderful fattening cuisine)
10. Australia (because reasons)

Favorite Cuisine/Dishes
1. Chinese Sausage
2. Brooklyn Pizza
3. Sushi (specifically Spicy Tuna, Crab, Eel, occasionally something more exotic)
4. Peking Duck in Plumb Sauce
5. Churrasco Steaks
6. Cuban Sandwiches
7. Bangan Bartha, Sadha Dosa, assorted Indian Dishes
8. Eggs Benedict
9. Thai Curries
10. French Dip Beef Sandwich with Onion jus

Favorite Fictional Characters
1. Tony Stark
2. Captain Jack Sparrow
3. Trevor Belmont
4. Mara Jade
5. Benjamin Sisko
6. Daniel Jackson
7. John Crichton
8. Lee Adama
9. Kahlan Amnell
10. Harry Dresden


Boggle’s ideas are not always terribly sophisticated. But I’ll back this one.

For my friends who are going through difficulties right now.*hugs*


Boggle’s ideas are not always terribly sophisticated. But I’ll back this one.

For my friends who are going through difficulties right now.



Apparently Jeff wants or expects fans to foot the bill again. Frankly, we shouldn't have to do anything. He already asked on the FB page if we'd want them back and the response was huge. East coasters get shafted because he doesn't want to pay performers who obviously bring in the attendees.



Well there should be enough of us to give them more then they need.We ALL got V.I.P. Tickets to their surprise (im lucky my birthdays in may) and there was so much of us we took over the convention.  

I guess for people who cant afford that extra 10-20 bux i understand the hardship. Again Im just lucky its my birthday month. Unless theres some other way we can fix that I advise everyone to start saving heir holiday now. 

We are not ever going to do a show in the United States again where the fans have to raise the money and then also pay to see us play.

That doesn’t make sense and the only reason we did it the first time was because fans came to us and asked and presented donated funds. We thought we’d do it to appease fans on the east coast.

In the end though, even with the plethora of generous donations and free hotel stay, a performance that doesn’t pay and covers our travel costs completely ends up costing us a ton of money ourselves.

The worst part in all of this is that if you do a show essentially for “free” that’s what people come to expect.


Shades of ‘The Great New England Steampunk Debacle” anyone?

NOT a classy look. Not at all.

But then, I warned JME about this sort of thing. Plenty of times.

*fist bump to SPG* I dunno about taking things public like this, but at the same time, I know literally hundreds of artists, myself included who feel where you’re coming from. #YANA



Racebent: Supernatural (part one): inspired by (x), (x), (x)

  • riz ahmed as dean winchester
  • sendhil ramamurthy as sam winchester
  • irrfan khan as john winchester
  • idris elba as aleister crowley
  • john cho as castiel
  • danny glover as bobby singer
  • samira wiley as jo harvelle
  • nichelle nichols as ellen harvelle

racebent cast with more than just one kind of brown!!!!

Ahhhhhhh! *dies* I would LOVE to see a version of this show that had this cast.

Or better yet - IN INDIA. WHAT.

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Yes, Israelis are pale skinned. Yes, Israelis are white.



Want to talk to me like an adult?  Come off anon or email me.  If you’re brave enough to respond, I’ll post it publicly for you.


1) Ok. That’s actually kind of my job, so I’ll do what I’m paid to do.

2) Profanity in this conversation gets you nowhere.

3) I guess you’re ignoring the wedding, a bartitsu instructor, cosplayers (although I did accidentally post one twice (In a row even!)), performers

4) I mean I COULD do the work for you, but I figured people would add in their own photos.

4a) Well, this blog IS for my photography, but if you really want, I could reblog the original post with someone else’s work.  It will take a bit longer to properly add in the source and all that, but I CAN.

5) My email is  I know you were too scared to ask.  I know, it’s a LAME email, but I made it back when AOL was a thing and I never really bothered to update it.

So this happened on my friend Babs’s blog. It seems to be a week for Internet Badasses… What’s doubly amusing is, like the mental titan they are, they fail to comprehend that Slick-Brass is a caricature that uses a blaxploitation lens to mock the romanticization of Western European Nobility.

But then, one can’t expect much depth and rationality from someone who obviously fails at basic arithmetic either. :P

To said Internet badass, I posit the following: “As I said to another bigot elsewhere that was posting to Babs’ Social Media … Do you like Canned Nuts, Anon?

Because … ‘My Curry Brown Nuts on your Chin’”

so, if the best thing to do with your time is to troll like this, Anon, you should probably do the world a favor and off yourself. No one will miss you. :)

Mark Grist’s Recitation of the Prior Post.

Anyone who’s ever wanted to know what goes on in my head when looking at a potential significant … Ethics / Character, Brains and Restraint

"I like a Girl Who Reads"

And now for the next chapter… *shuts the previous book with a melancholy fondness, caresses the leather ‘cover and puts it away on the shelf* I shall miss this time … and yet, all good things.

And now for the next chapter… *shuts the previous book with a melancholy fondness, caresses the leather ‘cover and puts it away on the shelf* I shall miss this time … and yet, all good things.



It may be time for me to re-embrace my namesake …

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Anti-Joke Thor & So-Done-With-This-Shit Tony

I don’t think anyone here understands how much I love hero. 

I NEVER love the good ones or the brawny ones. 

But I fucking love Thor. 

Because he is so fucking EARNEST. 



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